Battle Status Tokens


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These clear battle status tokens are perfect for wargaming in the year 40,000 and beyond. The rounded square tokens measure precisely 1.5" in length and width. The quality printed ink is laid thick on the underside of a sturdy 0.42mm polymer-based material that is coated to resist the most grimdark of battles time and time again. These clear plastic tokens are perfect for easy, unobtrusive unit marking and adapts to any terrain as your preferred battle mat will show through the transparent layers. Grab a set today and begin gaming in style!

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × .01 in

+1 to Hit, +1 to Wound, -1 to Hit, -1 to Wound, Advance & Charge, -1 Damage, Feel No Pain, Lethal Hits, Sustained Hits, Devastating Wounds, Stealth, Hazardous, Fight First, Ignore Cover, Hover, Hindered Movement, +1 Objective Control, -1 Objective Control, Oath of Moment, Bolter Discipline, Armor of Contempt, Synapse, Judgement, Shadow of Chaos, Twist of Fate, Fortune, Spotted, Guided

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