Deployment Zone Markers


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This set of twelve clear deployment zone markers are perfect for wargaming in any millennia and can be used to mark the territory of your game without breaking immersion or getting in the way of play.

The set includes eight (8) straight pieces that measure 4" x 0.5" and four (4) round elements that, when pieced together, form the perfect 9"-from-center radius for any search and destroy mission with corner deployment.

These are precisely manufactured and the quality printed ink is laid thick on the underside of a sturdy 0.42mm polymer-based material that is coated to resist the most grimdark of battles time and time again.

With a see-through game aids you can easily adapt to any theme of your preferred battle mat as it will show through the transparent layers. They pack away easily for light transport. Grab a set today and begin gaming in style!

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 4 × .5 × .25 in


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