Tabletop Combat Gauge Measurement Tool


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Our combat gauge measurement tool is outstanding for wargaming in the year 40,000 and beyond. It features all five of the key measurements required for the 10th edition of Warhammer. One inch for engagement range. Two inches for coherency and barrier engagement. Three inches for pile in and consolidate. Six inches for reserves and auras. Nine inches for deep strike. It has it all! The quality printed ink is laid thick on the underside of a sturdy 0.42mm polymer-based material that is coated to resist the most grimdark of battles time and time again. This device is flexible to curve around edges, but sturdy enough to snap back in place and lay rigid when hovering over models on the battlefield. Grab a measurement tool today and begin moving models in style!

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 3 × 9 × .01 in


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